3 Winter Beauty Mistakes Women of Colour Make And How To Avoid Them

Today’s post is a guest post written by Multi-award winning green beauty expert & Founder of Premae Skincare, Clare Eluka.

With winter upon us, our beauty regime should change to keep our skin healthy and looking radiant. However many women of colour unknowingly harm their skin (and purse) by making these little known beauty mistakes.

So I’m going to reveal 3 of these mistakes and share with you how to avoid them, to ensure your skin is looking beautiful during these winter months.

Beauty Mistake #1 – Staying Away From Oil

Women of colour tend to suffer with oily skin. Due to this, we try everything in our power to dry out the skin with apricot scrubs, blotting powders and harsh silicon mattifiers.

The biggest misconception is that women with oily skin should stay away from oil based products. Wrong! Oily skin is a big loud announcement from your skin, telling you that it is malnourished and therefore you should actually use more oil to rehydrate it.

This would make your skin reduce the amount of natural oil production as it is working over time to compensate.

Beauty Mistake #2 – Excessive Exfoliation

Secondly, women of colour love to exfoliate more than twice per week. As a qualified therapist and facialist it really surprises me when I ask people about their face regime and they skip core steps like toning, but over indulge in exfoliation or extraction (masks) on a daily basis.

This is too harsh on the skin and again strips the skin of minerals. Instead, exfoliate and extract once per week and visit a facialist once per month for the full works!

Beauty Mistake #3 – Unknowingly Wasting Foundation

Lastly, over 70% of ethnic women have uneven skin tone, and apply foundations to even this. This winter, mix your foundation with an allergen-free serum to use 50% less foundation!

Increase the intake of hot water and lemon with ginger and garlic to ‘depuff’ dark circles and replace red meats with white or vegan options such as tofu or falafel for brighter radiant skin. We are what we eat.

I hope this post has been useful and has helped you on your way to healthy, beautiful looking skin this winter. Let us know what you think and leave a comment below!

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