Our Top 3 Makeup Takeaways from An Evening with Joy & Dionne

Event An Evening with Dionne Smith and Joy Adenuga

The beginning of November saw the debut event ‘An Evening with Dionne Smith & Joy Adenuga’, where the celebrity serving duo covered a range of hair and make up issues for all women as well as tips and advice on how to do things better.

It was held at the Black Velvet in West Kensington and hosted by Flavourmag’s lovely, Annika Allen.

Dionne Smith is an International Celebrity Award Winning Hairstylist, with clientele of likes of Naomi Cambell and has had her work featured in publications like OK! Magazine.

Joy Adenuga is a London Based Makeup Artist who has enhanced the beauty of celebrities like Tatyana Ali, Laura Goodger and Tiffany Pisani.

The event was packed full of tips and advice on best hair care and make up practices, where both Dionne and Joy worked in a ‘tag-team’ like approach, which helped keep the night following with good variety.

In this post we want to share with you our top 3 make up take a ways shared by Joy, which you can use right now…

Tip #1 – Match foundation to your skin not your face
We loved this, because Joy advised to use the neck/collar bone area to match you foundation as that’s were your true colour is.

Tip #2 – Apply blusher while smiling
Starting from the top of the cheek bone to the hairline, otherwise your blush will drop to your jaw and make you look like a “clown”.

Tip #3 – Use a red lip pencil before using red lipstick
As we’ve all experienced, red lippy bleeds easily! So this will help you keep it in check.

The event finished with the most romantic of endings, Dionne’s partner proposed! (And Dionne said yes! – Phew!). So we’d like to say CONGRATULATIONS to Dionne and her new fiancé, a beautiful way to end what as a great evening!

So there you have it, we hope you found these tips useful. Let us know what you think! Leave a comment below and tell us if you already knew any of these 3 or if this advice was totally new to you.

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