We Loved About Ms Curvaceous UK 2013


Last November year saw the return of the Ms Curvaceous UK beauty pageant, running for it’s 2nd year. We were kindly invited by the fab organizers at Streamline Empire and was excited to see what was in store.

The show was held at the Camden Center in King Cross and showcased a number of catwalks with fashion pieces from different independent designers and performances from a variety of upcoming artists.

But what we really loved about the show was the display of diversity. There were all women of all sizes, modeling in this competition and the most amazing thing about the event was the stories each one of them shared.

Some overcame eating disorders, others depression and some had lost A LOT of weight and wanted to encourage other women that if they can do it, so can you – they were amazing!

This is what we loved about Ms Curvaceous UK, the inspirational stories that went beyond just competing in a beauty pageant. We say a very well done as we believe the event achieves much more than just awarding a crown.

We’d also like to say congratulations to the winner and Ms Curvaceous UK 2013, Elia Johnson!

Ms Curvaceous 2014 is set to be held on 14th December 2014, you can find more information here.

Photo credit: Ms Curvaceous UK


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