Beauty Roundup: January 2014

We’re always on the search for great beauty tips and advice that will help you look and feel great. So when we do come across them, we can’t wait to share them with you!

So in today’s post we want to share with you our top 3 finds that will help you better use and apply makeup. Enjoy!

The Beauty Department – Going Undercover (Undertones)


Ok ladies.  If there is ONE thing that I could ever teach you about beauty that will change your life, it’s determining your skin undertones.  I know it sounds trivial, but when you know yours and then adjust your make-up colors accordingly, something magical happens and you’ll light up a room.  Here are a few of the best ways to detect yours… Read it here

Laila Daho – Eyebrow Do’s & Don’ts (Video)

We all love to make our eyebrows perfect but I think too many of us have been putting in too much work with the eyebrow pencils and highlighters. See the video here.

Beauty and the Blog – Simple Sultry Eyes (Video)

A sultry smoky eye tutorial for you ladies! See the video here

GlowwBox Beauty Box Samples for Women of Colour


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