GlowwLove: January 2014 Edition

It’s our very first beauty box of the year! Filled with lush beauty samples for all women of colour, we couldn’t wait to hear what you loved!

Thank you so much for sending your feedback in. Here’s what you thought of your January 2014 Edition…

kiwiaday GlowwlOBE

@kiwiaday, on instagram loves her GlowwBox “I think I’ve bcome a bit of a fan @glowwbox…for women of colour. Love it! #brownbeauty #GlowwLove”

abigail glowwlove

Abigail shared what her sister thought twitter and said “Thanks ‪@GlowwBox, now all of a sudden my sisters say this ‪@BenecosUK deep plum renders all my other polishes useless!”

And both lovelies Nabiila from Nabiila Bee and Wunmi at Women in the Jungle posted fab unboxing videos Take a look here…

Thank you so much for all your feedback and support, we’re really grateful. Continue to let us know what you love, we love hearing from you!

Haven’t ordered your GlowwBox? Get it here!

GlowwBox Beauty Box Samples for Women of Colour


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