Book Review: Rocking Your Role by Jenny Garrett


About the author of Rocking Your Role: Jenny Garrett is an award winning coach and trainer, speaker, and founder of Reflexion Associates leadership consultancy.

Jenny mentors women entrepreneurs and executives internationally for the Cherie Blair Foundation and ASPIRE programme and was a finalist for the PRECIOUS Mentor of the Year 2012. She is a selected Sage Business Expert.

Here’s what our founder thought of the book…

The first thing that really interested me about this book was the ‘not so’ unusual reality of this book’s reader – the female breadwinner.

Being a man, this idea alone could really challenge me and I would think, along with many other men, however what I really appreciate about Rocking Your Role is the honest conversation about this topic.

The book left no stone unturned, delving into almost every challenge a female breadwinner, who the author calls ‘ME’ , faces.

Whether that be guilt, assumptions or communication, the author takes you on journey and with each area encourages you to stop and take action to help overcome the obstacle.

What surprised me about Rocking Your Role was the personal stories other ‘ME’s shared and how being a ME affected their lives.

It was surprising to see that, even though a man would typically have his own issues about this situation in “his world”, a ME has her own, some that would not normally come to mind or maybe not even discussed if it wasn’t for this book.

So overall I think the book does a great job in raising awareness of the reality, encourages an honest conversation and provides a roadmap on how to make it a more enjoyable lifestyle.

I would recommend this book to both ME’s and men a like, whoever the breadwinner is as there’s crossover for both.

For more information about Rocking Your Role visit the website here.


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