How to get that youthful glow this party season

Hi Glowwers!

‘Tis the season to be… all about the shimmer!

Featured in this month’s GlowwBox ‘Party Season’ Edition is BellaPierre’s shimmer eye shadow in their ‘Celebration’ shade – a perfect shimmer colour for a range of darker skin tones.

BellaPierre Shimmer Pot, 'Celebration'

BellaPierre Shimmer Pot, ‘Celebration’

I was so thrilled when I received it and we experimented here at GlowwBox HQ, straightaway!

The amazing thing about this product is that it’s so versatile! In addition to being an eye shadow, it can also be worn as eyeliner, tinted mascara or a blush. I decided to take this product one step further and try it as a highlighter!

For parties, nights out and any occasions where I know photographs will be taken (or selfies!), a highlighter is an essential part of my make-up routine. Wearing a highlighter can have the effect of instantly brightening your face and adding a youthful radiance.


‘Celebration’ swatch

A gold or bronze shimmer looks striking and harmonises beautifully with warm undertones found in darker skins.

So below I’ve put together a couple of tips for using shimmer this Christmas!

TIP #1 – To achieve a natural glow whilst wearing a highlighter, apply on these 5 areas where the sun naturally falls:

  1. High on cheekbones
  2. Cupid’s bow
  3. Chin
  4. Forehead
  5. Along centre of nose 


Avoid applying a highlighter that is too pink or pearly as this is more suited to pale skin tones. As a general rule – the darker your skin tone the deeper gold you should wear.

Also avoid highlighting areas where your skin is particularly blemished, oily or lined – this may just draw unwanted attention to these areas.

For more makeup mistakes to avoid, download our FREE Makeup Mistakes Guide

 TIP #2 – Alternatively apply this months ‘Celebration’ shade, as a highlighter on your eyes!

After applying your favourite BellaPierre shimmer shades to your upper eyelid, eye crease, lower lash line, outer ‘v’ etc. blend a little ‘Celebration’ shadow to the two following eye areas;

  • From the inner eye – to instantly brighten your eyes.
  • Underneath the eyebrow arch – to instantly look more awake (Remember not to highlight your whole brow bone!)

What do we recommend?

Not only do the BellaPierre shimmer eyeshadows sit beautifully on darker skin tones but their range of colours can be used to enhance different eye colours, whatever the season. Here are shades we would recommend based on your eye colour:


BROWN EYES –   BellaPierre Shimmer Pot, ‘Cadence’


GREEN EYES –BellaPierre Shimmer Pot, ‘Bronze’


GREY EYES – BellaPierre Shimmer Pot, ‘Calm’


BLUE EYES – BellaPierre Shimmer Pot, ‘Bubblegum’

Give these a try. Shop these shades and more in our boutique and receive 3 for the price of 2! Offer ends 23rd Jan 2015.


Anna xx



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