February ‘Handbag Heroes’ 2015 Edition: See what’s inside

GlowwBox February 2015 Handbag Heroes Edition

Our Handbag Heroes Edition is now available! Packed full of six beauty essentials we know you’ll love, we’re so excited to finally reveal what to expect this month. *Yay*!

See what we’ve got for you in this month’s edition below… 


Vintage Cosmetics Company Small Makeup bag, £6.00

One of the most exciting products to feature in this month’s edition has to be the small makeup bag from the Vintage Cosmetics Company. Of course we couldn’t leave this out as it’s a true ‘handbag hero’! It’s perfect to fit your make-up essentials in, as well as deceptively roomy. It’s truly an essential for girls on the go.

Now we couldn’t leave you with just the makeup bag! Of course you’ll need a few items to place inside, right?

Now we know that one of the most commonly reached for items in a woman’s handbag has to be lip products. So we’ve included the original Lavera Basis Sensitive Organic Lip Balm. It uses organic jojoba and organic shea butter to moisturise your lips. It’s a fantastic lip balm especially during the winter months when your lips are more likely to become dry and cracked.

We’ve also got for you these Lavera Natural Lipsticks in either Brown Sugar or Berry Violet. With all natural ingredients such as Jojoba oil and Coconut oil, these lipsticks will keep your lips healthy and conditioned leaving lips perfectly cared for. Wear on top of the Lavera Basis Sensitive Organic Lip Balm for that extra protection this winter!

Have you ever gone out with your nails looking amazing when you left the house and then all of a sudden there it is… the chip! Where did it even come from? Well we thought you’d appreciate having this Beauty UK Nail varnish in the colour Red Royale in your handbag. These quick dry, easy to apply, high gloss formulas deliver intense colour that will last for days. Perfect!

It’s not just our nails we like to touch up! That’s why we’ve included these Benecos Natural Eyeshadow Monos in either Mokka (a beautiful brown / gold) or Happy Hour (a stunning deep purple). These are perfect for when you’re out and about and you want to create a quick pop of colour or a smokey eye look!

Finally, we couldn’t complete this Handbag Heroes edition without including a hand cream! That’s why we’ve included this Primavera Energising Hand and Nail Cream (Ginger & Lime). It glides on easily and absorbs quickly to protect skin and strengthen nails.

If you’re as excited as we are about this month’s edition, then make sure you sign up here! We know you’ll love it. 

Talk soon

Vicky xx

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