Sneak Peek: April 2015 Cocoa Affair GlowwBox

April 2015 Cocoa Affair Edition

Happy Easter!

Fabulous news! We’re so excited to present to you our April ‘Cocoa Affair’ GlowwBox, which is now on sale!

With Easter in full swing, we’ve decided to reveal our indulgent relationship with Chocolate! Packed full with 6 products that contain the goodness of cocoa, the hue of cocoa or the beautiful colours of spring, we invite you to join us in your very own ‘Cocoa Affair’!

Want to see what’s inside? Here’s a sneak peak…

This month, give your eyes a gorgeous enhancement and make them irresistibly noticeable with this smooth shimmering golden brown, luxury eyeshadow in Tiger from IMAN worth over £12!


With this month’s curated collection you can also look forward to a smooth, nourished
face, hands and feet!

Remember, we only have a limited amount of editions available this month so click here to grab yours today!


April 2015 Cocoa Affair GlowwBox


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