Cocoa, Cacao and Cocoa butter, what’s the difference?

cocoa beans

Did you know that there are key differences between ‘cacao’, ‘cocoa’ and ‘cocoa butter’? If you don’t, help is at hand as In this post I want to give you a quick run down of all three.

‘Cacao’ [kəˈkou; kəˈkāō]
Cacao is a bean, used worldwide, from which many different products can be derived. The bean is made from three core elements; the husks of the cocoa pods, the pulp / sweatings surrounding the beans and the cocoa bean shells. Once these different elements are treated they can used in the manufacture of soft drinks, alcohol and soap or as fertiliser, organic mulch and soil conditioner for the garden.

‘Cocoa’ [koh-koh]
Cocoa is the product extracted from the cacao bean and used in the manufacture of chocolate and as an ingredient in foodstuff such as chocolate flavoured drinks and desserts.

‘Cocoa butter’
Cocoa butter is a by-product of crushing roasted cacao beans and I’m pretty confident that we have all come across products that contain cocoa butter at some point or another, I know I have!

Not to mention we’re starting to see more and more beauty products containing all three!

So there’s a quick run down on the differences between the three and this month, in our in box mini mag, we share with our Glowwers what happens when you add dairy to cocoa and also the fabulous beauty benefits of this gorgeous bean!

Find out more and enjoy 6 beauty treats that contain the goodness of cocoa, hue of cocoa and the beautiful colours of spring, specially curated to give your eyes a gorgeous enhancement and make them irresistibly noticeable, with smooth, nourished face, hands and feet in our April ‘Cocoa Affair’ GlowwBox!

Click below to take a peek inside!

Anna xx



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