Makeup mistake made by women with darker skin tones no 13 – Wearing too much foundation

Makeup mistake made by women with darker skin tones no13

“This is an excerpt from our free guide ’14 Makeup Mistakes Made By Women With Darker Skin Tones’ and can be downloaded from our website

Makeup Mistake #13: Wearing Too Much Foundation by Funmi Odegbami

A lot of women with darker skin tones feel pressured to:

  • Look lighter
  • Cover up hyperpigmentation

Consequently we end up wearing far too much foundation in an attempt to cover our perceived flaws.

Some makeup manufacturers tend to make medium to heavy coverage foundations for darker skin tones, and this is what we have been buying for years.

There are now many sheerer formulas that look far more natural and that also give the skin a beautiful glow.

Secondly, a foundation is not supposed to “cover” it,s job is to even out skin tone. If you have something to cover then opt for a concealer instead, and use the concealer on the areas that require covering ONLY. You can then use a light amount of foundation on the rest of the face.”

About Funmi:
Funmi Odegbami is the CEO of MiNK London, a member of the Black Women in Europe Power list, and an internationally renowned makeup artist.. For more details visit

Funmi reveals another common makeup mistake made by women with darker skin tones in our free eguide which you can download by tapping below.

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