Our BeautyCon London experience

GlowwBox at Beautycon London

A few weeks ago I was on twitter and I saw an unusual pink picture tweeted by the lovely @AllureinNatural with the caption “See you at BeautyCon”. As you would, I thought ‘what’s that?’ so I instantly took to google to find out.

That’s when I discovered BeautyCon.

BeautyCon is the world’s premiere fashion, beauty & lifestyle destination for fans, brands and creators.

It was the first time it’s been held as a public event in the UK, as it’s an event hailing from the US, featuring a guest list of much loved beauty bloggers including Patricia Bright, Shirley B.Enaing and Kaushal Beauty, to name a few.

So last Saturday I popped down to check it out and here’s what I got up to…

There we’re a number of panel-type talks on the day, which covered a variety of topics including the business of beauty, #GirlProbs, Beautiful Inside + Out, plus more.

What I thought was great about the talks, was that they debunked a lot of what’s happening out there on social media, how a girl should look and the pressure to conforming to unrealistic standards of beauty with the trend of ‘photoshopped’ instagram pics.

All the bloggers done a great job in sharing their story and explaining what life is really like behind the camera, which I think is of immense value to the industry.

There were some great brands too, including, Liz Earle and Benefit Cosmetics who showcased some fab products from their range.

There were also ‘Meet + Greet’ sessions happening throughout the day, where fans could meet with their fav bloggers and snap a quick selfie.

While I was there, I managed to catch up and snap a few cheeky picks with some our favorite bloggers here at GlowwBox:

me and @allureinbeauty

@allureinbeauty the lovely beautie who let us know.

me and @ambarinahasan

Great to catch up with the gorge @ambarinahasan…just had to get a selfie

me and @shirleyBEnaing

So lovely to meet @shirleyBEnaing

me and @Graciefrancesca

So much fun meeting the gorge @Graciefrancesca

me and @Cocobeatea & @stylesecretsx

Fab catching up with beauties @Cocobeatea and @StyleSecretsx

me and @tashaggreene

Really nice to meet @TashaGGreene, she’s so  lovely.

me and @PattyOLovesyou

So lovely to meet the gorgeous @PattyOLovesYou

me and @anchally30

Lovely to catchup with beautie @anchally30

me and @TheBeautyByJJ

So nice to meet the gorge @TheBeautyByJJ (JJ kind of threw me with almost being as tall as me!.

Overall, it was a fab event, great atmosphere and lots of fun. If they decide to come back next year, I would highly recommend popping down.

Talk soon,

Jason x


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2 thoughts on “Our BeautyCon London experience

    1. glowwbox Post author

      Was you? Oh it would have been lovely to meet you! It was a lot of fun, really enjoyed it! What was your favourite bit? Jason x


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