How to get more beauty sleep, have long healthy hair and gorgeous tinted eyebrows

Picture this. It’s 7am and you’ve woken up feeling engerized and refreshed, ready to hit the floor running. You walk up to the mirror and you begin combing you long healthy looking hair that’s been it’s thickest since you can remember.

Once you’re hair is styled beautifully, you sit by your dressing table and begin tinting your eyebrows perfectly with the new technique you’ve recently learned.

You finish getting ready, grab a bit of toast for breakfast and walk our the front door, looking and feeling fabulous, with your confidence on 10, ready to take on the day.

Wouldn’t you just love mornings like this? The reality is we just about have enough time to look in the mirror before we have to run out the door because hitting snooze 20 times felt so good!

So a little help with having mornings like this would be lovely.

Over the past week we’ve picked out some of our favourite beauty posts and videos across the web, that will help you get that bit closer to such a dream morning!

5 sleep tips you need to know


Waking up numerous times in the middle of the night? Having difficulty falling asleep? You might benefit from these easy sleeping tips.

1. Keep your bedroom cool
Don’t turn your bedroom into a sauna, as most people sleep best in a room at 18° C. Also make sure your room has adequate ventilation.

2. Start doing relaxation exercises
Practice relaxation techniques. They help you to de-stress, calm the mind and to wind down….

…Read the rest from Style Barista here.

Top 10 tips to grow out long healthy hair

 Some great tips from the gorgeous Kendra Murrell

How I tint my eyebrows

 Amena shares her coveted routine.


Jason x

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