June 2015 GlowwBox Sneak Peek: Enjoy lips that pop this summer

Join us today and receive our June 2015 'Let The Sun Shine' Edition

Gorgeous sunshine, beautiful bright mornings and lovely long days…summer is officially here!

As the sun reveals itself, it also causes us to reveal ourselves too. With the wonderful sunshine illuminating everything it falls on, bringing wonderful warm weather, there’s no more hiding behind scarves, hats and long coats, so looking fabulous is a must.

Here at GlowwBox we’ve worked hard curating a collection of beauty to help get you ready for the beautiful summer.

So this month, get ready to show off your beautiful features and enjoy hair that glistens, lips that pop and a face that glows with our new June ‘Let the Sunshine Edition packed with 6 darker skin friendly beauty treats that invites the sun to shine in your world this summer!

Wondering what’s inside? Here’s a peek of what you’ll be missing if you don’t join us today…

Let the sun shine on your beautiful face and reveal gorgeous lips that pop this summer with the NEW TO THE UK, Black Opal Colour Splurge Patent Lips in Orange Blaze worth £8.95!

New To The UK Black Opal Color Splurge Patent Lips Orange Blaze in the June GlowwBox!

Luxe creamy color with a shiny patent finish makes this gloss the ultimate splurge for lips. Highly pigmented and ultra-shiny, this weightless color smoothly glides onto lips without drying or feeling sticky.

By not joining us this month, you’ll miss out on having this fabulous product enhancing your beautiful lips and I’m sure you don’t want to go through summer without this gorgeous colour on your lips, right?

I’m sure you’ll love trying this out! Join us and get your June GlowwBox today by tapping below!

Talk soon,

Jason x


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