3 things I do to enjoy a hair stress free summer

3 things fresh lengths does to enjoy a hair stress free summer

We caught up with the gorgeous Lesley at Fresh Lengths and asked her to share what’s worked for her and her hair during the summer months, here’s what she said…

Summer is my favourite time of year but that hasn’t always been the case. Previously the hotter climates used to conjure up all kinds of problems for my hair, from frizz to fried and weak tresses, all of which left me wishing for colder temperatures.

After a bit of trial and (a lot of) error I’m now well-versed on how to care for my hair when the heat is on. My summer haircare routine is distinctly more laid-back than my winter regime as this works best for me. So here’s 3 things I do to enjoy a hair stress-free summer:

#1 – No Hot Tools
My hot tools rarely see any use during a typical British Summer as between the humidity and the rain it makes far more sense to keep my hair as it falls naturally.

#2 – I don’t fight my natural texture
I’ve learnt (often the hard way) that it’s best not to fight your natural texture during hot weather. It tends to leave me more frustrated with my hair and I end up causing damage trying to force my hair to behave the way I want.

#3 – I keep hair moistursed
I cheat frizz by arming myself with a humidity-blocking serum and I never step outside with dry hair as otherwise it’ll drink up the moisture in the warm air.

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