Get skin like Lupita, 21 lipstick hacks and how to perfectly style your natural hair with flexirods

It’s no secret, Lupita’s skin is perfection. To have such flawless skin is what beauty dreams are made of and it will always help you keep your cool when tragedy strikes your favorite lipstick or when your hair is refusing to obey you!

So this week we’ve found 3 great posts in the huge landscape of the beauty web to help you cheat your way to getting skin like Lupita, overcoming lipstick hurdles and perfect flexirod hair styling:

10 makeup tips for getting skin like Lupita


Whether you’re looking to emulate Lupita Nyongo’o’s flawless skin, Chanel Iman’s sun-kissed glow or Beyonce’s healthy-looking complexion…makeup artist Ruby Hammer shares her expert tips for creating a radiant luminous look…

Read more at Get The Gloss here

21 lipstick hacks every woman needs to know


Read it at Harpers Bazaar here

How to get perfect flexirod results on natural hair

Fab tutorial by lovely @foreverflawlyss


Jason x

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