Glowwers Spotlight: What our members created with the products found in their June GlowwBox

Summer is in full swing and there’s not many things as invigorating as having the beautiful sun rays finding your skin out in the open air.

Imagining hayfever, sunburn and sometimes the lack of air not being real…summer is such a beautiful season!

And our Glowwers are taking full advantage by creating some beautiful looks with the products found in their June GlowwBox! So here we’ve pulled together some of our favorites to inspire you to create something gorgeous when out in the sun.

Here’s what they’ve created…

Get the summer bronzey eye with tangerine glossy lips look with Alexis

Charly’s favourite product in her June GlowwBox and what she did with it


“I usually find that eyeshadows wear off very quickly on me but because of its high pigmentation I found that the Black Opal eye shadow lasted the entire evening.

I used the bronze colour on my eyelid and then added the gold to the inner corner of my eyelid and I really liked the effect. Thanks for including this great product in the June Box”

Miriam’s favourite product in her May GlowwBox and her campaign for brown beauty


“I use the Neal & Wolf Aura Hair & Body Perfume in the mornings just before I rush out the door. I give my inner wrists, my neck and my hair a few spritz and I’m good to go! I love the combination of foral scents with vanilla. It’s perfect for daytime use.”

Miriam has also launched and online petition to help persuade the UK cosmetic high street to sell a wider range of products for women with darker skin tones! We share her vision and so we had to ask that you to join us in signing here.

Thank you so much for sharing Glowwers!

Enjoy trying these looks for yourself or create your own! Get your June GlowwBox here (less than 24 hours left)

Jason x

P.S. By getting your June GlowwBox today, you also reserve our July Palmer’s Special Edition on sale Saturday 4th July! Get your June GlowwBox here.



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