how to keep your feet feeling soft and smooth in your summer sandals and wedges

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Summer has been good this year hasn’t it?

Beautiful sunshine, not too much rain…makes for perfect weather for all the parties, BBQs and festivals held this time of year.

With all this socializing and hot weather, there’s probably one part of your body that you want to make sure is looking good because if they aren’t, it could totally throw off your day…

Yes, it’s your lovely feet.

Whether they are your favorite or not-so-favorite part of your body, it’s no secret that your feet have a tough time this season, as keeping them from feeling dry and rough with all the sandal wearing is almost a covert mission!

Well Glowwer, we’ve got good news…Zahira, brand manager at Palmer’s has a quick beauty tip that help you avoid rough, dry feet and keep them feeling soft and smooth all summer…

“Feet can get really dry in the summer and no one wants to have dry feet on show in those beautiful sandals and wedges… apply Palmer’s Foot Magic Cream at night and wear a pair of cotton socks for soft and smooth feet by the next morning!”

In this month’s Palmer’s Special Edition GlowwBox, we’ve got this summer must-have that will make rough, dry feet the last thing you’ll have to think about…

Palmer’s Foot Magic Cream available in the July Palmer’s Special Edition


CBF Foot Magic 60g - Item 4391-6 - NEW 60g Tube


Natural emollients such as cocoa and mango butters help provide a deeply penetrating treatment for even the roughest skin, whilst the addition of peppermint oil will calm and revitalise feet in need of some TLC.

Get the Palmer’s Foot Magic Cream plus 6 more lush Palmer’s product in our Palmer’s Special Edition here.


Jason x

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