A little known technique for soft, kissable lips

soft, kissable lips

It’s usually the winter, not summer, that we associate with dry lips.

Maybe it’s because, year after year we get used to the winter demanding more from our skin, which often results in dryness and the extra effort to keep them moisturized, which can cause us to think that’s the only season they need attention.

Yet the summer sun brings it unique demands on your lips, which can often be overlooked, Zahira over at Palmer’s sheds a bit of light and a great tip on how to care for them during the hotter months…

“A lot of people forget that they not only need sunscreen on their body but also on their lips…Use a lip balm with SPF like Palmer’s Original Lip Balm to help protect lips from the damaging effects of the sun!

Exfoliate lips gently with a toothbrush then moisturise with Palmer’s Original Lip Balm for soft, kissable lips…”

Palmer’s Original Lip Balm available in the July Palmer’s Special Edition


CBF_Lip Balm Original 4g


Palmer’s ultra moisturising lip balm, with SPF, is for cocoa butter devotees, packed with nourishing cocoa butter goodness this lip balm will keep lips ultra moisturised throughout the day.

This everyday essential is perfect for your desk drawer or gym bag, helping to protect lips from the daily elements that dry lips out leaving them cracked and chapped.

Get the Palmer’s Original Lip Balm in our Palmer’s Special Edition here.

Jason x


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