How Argan Oil Gives Your Hair A Moisture Boost

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Argan oil products are increasingly hitting beauty outlets everywhere, appearing in everything from facial oils to bubble baths!

Argan Oil is produced from the kernels found inside the argan nut (found in the fruit of the argan tree) and when added to hair products (such as shampoo, conditioner, styling mouse and hair treatments) it can help make hair tamer, softer, silkier, shinier and overall more manageable.

As you may have noticed this month’s Glowwbox also celebrates some amazing Argan oil products, including this lush find from Design Essentials…

DE Hydrience_Argan_~Moisture_Replenish._Mist

Design Essentials Hydrience Argan Moisture Replenishing Mist 0.5oz

This replenishing mist infused with pure Argan Oil from Morocco that instantly replenishes and hydrates all hair types, while adding shine, containing UV & thermal protectants. (4oz shown in pic)

“…this month’s GlowwBox…includes some of the American products us Brits are crazy about…The Design Essentials Mist is my kind of product. It smells deliciously fruity and gives the hair a moisture boost whilst leaving it feeling really smooth….”

Beauty Blogger, Fresh Lengths

There’s less than 7 days left for you get your first GlowwBox and enjoy the Hydrience Argan Moisture Replenishing Mist 0.5oz from Georgia based brand, Design Essentials in this month’s USA All Stars edition!

Click the here to get yours now.

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