How to get the best out of your KeraCare Limited Edition GlowwBox


november edition box shot - low res

This month GlowwBox brought you the KeraCare Limited Edition!  We thought it was only right to show you how much we love our Glowwers with six KeraCare hair goodies.

Here’s what I love about each product and how you can get the best out of your box:

Essential Oils for the Hair
This oil can be used in several ways.  It can be used as a hot oil pre-treatment before shampooing, on wet hair to lock in moisture before drying naturally and styling, as a scalp and hair moisturiser, or on dry hair before styling with a curling iron. I like to massage it into my scalp and wet hair after shampooing and conditioning. The oil is easily absorbed despite being very rich. Plus a little goes a long way – don’t use too much or you’ll be wearing the “wet look”.  I did that but surprisingly my hair didn’t look greasy, just wet! How do you use Essential Oils for the Hair?

Hydrating Detangling Shampoo
The great thing about this shampoo it that it is sulphate-free so it is kinder to your hair and scalp. You only need a small amount to get a good lather.  Start off with a twenty pence piece sized amount and add more if you have long hair.  This worked well for my sensitive scalp and left my hair smooth and detangled, all without having to use my comb.

Humecto Crème Conditioner 
To continue the detangling process, follow the shampoo with a generous amount of this conditioner. It’s very rich so concentrate the majority of the conditioner on the ends and mid-lengths of your hair, and if you wish, smooth the remainder onto the hair closest to your scalp.  Comb through, leave for 15 minutes under a shower cap to nourish your hair then rinse out. My hair was left feeling smooth and light.

Silken Seal 
This blow-drying complex feels like a cross between oil, gel and a glosser in the consistency of a shampoo! It’s easy to use; simply distribute a small amount through the hair, concentrating on the ends and blow dry.  After using this my hair felt smooth and not dry at all. My blow drying technique is not very good so I ended up with some fluffy bits but that was easily solved with the next product.

High Sheen Glossifier
Thanks to my inability to blow dry my hair into any recognisable style, I usually need some kind of smoothing or taming product. That’s where this High Sheen Glossifier comes in. When my hair was dry, I rubbed a tiny, tiny amount of this glossifier onto the end third of my hair. It gave my hair a natural shine and enhanced my natural hair colour.  If you have natural or coloured hair, I’d love to know your thoughts!

Crème Press
If you like to straighten your hair with straighteners then this is the product for you. Section your hair into three, massage a tiny amount of the Crème Press into your hands and distribute through the sections, concentrating on the ends and working towards the roots.   Then, section your hair into smaller pieces to straighten with straightening irons.  The Crème Press makes the whole process effortless leaving you with perfectly straight, ultra-shiny hair in minimal time, without weighing it down or leaving it looking greasy. I found there was no need for added heat protection as this protects the hair and there was also no need to go back over my hair with smoothing serum because the Crème Press took care of that too. I love products that save me time!

Although none of these products specifically say “for curly hair” or “curl enhancer”, I definitely ended up with happy, healthy, bouncy curls. Plus I received so many compliments! How about you? Let me know below.

If you loved these products, why not take advantage of the 15% discount we have for you on all KeraCare products in the eBoutique? The eBoutique deals are exclusively for subscribers and your special discount code is in this month’s GLOWW magazine.

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