Strobing for darker skin tones


Contouring, the technique used to sculpt the face using shadow and light, can be quite intense so some people prefer strobing. Strobing is a technique straight off the catwalk which is super-highlighting, sometimes without the shadows.

The key to achieving this high fashion look is to only apply a highlight to the high points of the face where the light hits. The best results come from a golden shimmer highlight as this really reflects the sunlight, giving the illusion of killer cheekbones.

The main products you will need are a concealer, golden highlighter and perhaps a little blusher if you feel you would like some colour on your cheeks. Also, make sure you have the right tools to hand for stress-free strobing. Try a fan brush or an angled blusher brush for applying the highlight then have a fluffy blending brush available to blend out any harsh lines. You want to make it look like you are naturally glowing rather than wearing reflective stripes like a safety jacket!

Check out this tutorial by Chanel Boateng on how to strobe:

Click here to see how I do it!

If you have oily skin you might think strobing is not for you. Think again! Just make sure you use a primer for oily skin, set your base with powder and use a powder highlighter rather than a cream.

Jennie Jenkins of Beauty By JJ explains strobing for oily skin here:

So, for an easy way to feel like a supermodel without changing your face shape, give strobing a go. It’s amazing how good glowing cheekbones will make you feel!




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