How to show your shoulders this season

Forget legs and décolletage, this spring/summer season is all about the shoulders. Shoulders are surprisingly attractive and a bit of shoulder-reveal is perfect for a first date. Here’s how to flaunt this unassuming body part.

Your skin might be suffering from the effects of the winter weather. No problem, just follow these 4 easy steps and prepare to bare!

  1. First exfoliate all over, paying special attention to your shoulders, shoulder blades and décolletage. Rise off the exfoliator.
  1. Pat your skin dry so a little moisture is left on the skin – don’t rub!
  1. Moisturise with a body lotion or body butter and massage it in well.
  1. Follow with an oil to seal in the lotion or butter for extra soft and smooth skin. Layering is not just for the face!

For a little something special, perhaps for date night, use a golden shimmer oil to really accentuate your shoulders. Now, prepare to bare!


Showing your shoulders this season is more than just slipping on a racer-back tank top. Full off-the-shoulder-bare-neck-bare-upper-back-bare-décolletage is so 2015. In 2016 we’re focussing on the previously neglected shoulders only.

  • For a sexy hint, go for high-neck cut-out top, just revealing the tops of the shoulders and maybe the shoulder blades.
  • For the daring, go for a double cut-out revealing the shoulders and a peek of lower arm whilst keeping the upper arm covered.
  • If you love your upper arms, wear a spaghetti strap top with sleeves to cover your lower arms. The straps divide your body keeping the shoulders as a feature.
  • If asymmetry is your thing, go for a simple one-shoulder top.

The shoulder trend is flattering for all – no need for copious weightlifting unless you genuinely enjoy it. Show off those shoulders!



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