2 ways to get afro-style curls on any hair

GlowwBox blog image afro curls on any hair

Have you always wanted curls that sit in a gorgeous halo around your head?

Our gorgeous Glowwers asked us how to style wavy hair into an afro and we have the answer!

Now, if you weren’t born with coily or kinky hair (curl types 3C, 4A, 4B & 4C) we can’t change that but we can help you get something close to the Pam Grier or Solange Knowles signature looks.

All you need to do is try a perm rod set or a flexi rod set!

Even if you do have kinky or coily hair, as you can see from the tutorials below, you’ll still achieve the same shape and it will give you fun, bouncy curls.

The key kit should include:

  • a couple of sets of perm rods or bendy rollers (flexi rods);
  • a comb;
  • an afro pick;
  • a very hydrating leave-in conditioner, moisturising lotion or water spray, and
  • a silk or satin scarf

Actually Ashley shows us her no-heat method on week-old, previously styled hair using perm rods. She’s also got a cool toothbrush tip!

See how important the afro pick is? You’ll need it to add volume and to tease your “afro” into shape!

Then there’s UnearthedAmber who used the “twist method” on her thick, blow-dried hair.

Take care of those ends!

DiscoCurls shows us how to do a no-heat flexi rod set on three day old fine hair. It’s always difficult to get lasting volume on fine hair so here’s a good way to get some!

Finally we have a tutorial from DeOnnaRonei who uses flexi rods on freshly washed and blow-dried hair. She use the “twist-and-roll” and the twist methods.

I love her hair after blow-drying – if I had her hair I’d leave it like that! What do you think of her home-made hair mixture?

Which one will you try? Whichever one you choose, remember to make sure your hair is completely dry when taking out the rods and be gentle so you don’t pull out the curls you worked so hard to put in!

We’d love it if you commented below with your links or tagged us @glowwbox on Instagram showing us your flexi rod/perm rod set!


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