Full Reveal: March Relaxation GlowwBox

Full Reveal: What’s inside the March 2016 ‘Relaxation’ GlowwBox

March is in full swing and we couldn’t be more excited to unveil our March 2015 ‘Relaxation’ Edition!

This month, we’ve put together 6 amazing darker-skin friendly products to help you de-stress, while enjoying lovely supple skin, soft, treated hair and delicately cared for feet.

Here’s what’s inside…

What's inside the March 16 Relaxation GlowwBox

Bramley Bubble Bath
Who doesn’t love a soak in a luxurious bubble bath? The sweet orange and lavender essentials oils refresh as well as relax. Made with all-natural products, the essential oils provide the fragrance as well as therapeutic benefits. Pour a generous amount under warm running water and jump in!

Lucy Annabella Argan & Frankincense Organic Treatment Oil
This treatment oil is made from ten 100% organic oils including lavandin, frankincense, chamomile and argan oils. Each evening, massage this body oil into cleansed, warm skin. Leave to sink in for a minute before getting dressed. You can even use it as a massage oil – just make sure you’re the recipient!

The Vintage Cosmetic Company Makeup Headband – Dolly Vintage Inspired
Possibly the cutest headband ever made, this pretty-in-pink polka dotted accessory would put a smile on anyone’s face! Pop it on before applying make-up or before cleansing it all off to keep your hair out of your face or to prevent you getting foundation in your hair!

THREE of these treats are also in your box. It’s nice to be surprised every now and then!

Mizani Satin Pillowcase
This pretty satin pillowcase is great for your hair and skin, preventing frizz and the dreaded sleep lines! Some acne sufferers see an improvement in their skin when using a satin pillowcase. It’s quite pretty too so I guess you could call this a multi-tasking pillowcase!
Inlight Beauty Glove
Made from 100% organic cotton, use this gentle exfoliating glove to leave your skin fresh and clean. Suitable for sensitive skin.


Mavala Soothing Scrub Cream
A foot massage is lovely but a massaging foot scrub is so much more soothing! For softer skin, massage into your feet using a circular motion and rinse with warm water. For best results, try this after soaking your feet in warm water and concentrate on the heels and balls of your feet.
Mavala Concentrated Foot Bath
This concentrated foot bath softens, tones and deodorises your feet so you can relax in the knowledge that your feet are lovely and fresh! To use, put a few drops into a basin of warm (not hot) water and soak feet for 5-10 minutes.


Activilong Paris Stop Break Pure Keratin System
This hair treatment is formulated with organic argan oil and pure keratin to repair damaged hair. Apply after shampooing then leave it to absorb for 10 minutes before rinsing out and following with conditioner. For a more intense treatment, leave on for 45 minutes under a shower cap.
Activilong Smoothing Care Mask
Use this creamy mask after shampooing instead of a conditioner. Massage into your hair concentrating on the ends and mid-lengths and leave to absorb under a shower cap for 5-20 minutes. Rinse out and style.

We can’t wait for you to open this month’s box and give these goodies a try…remember to snap a pic and post it on instagram. Tag us using @glowwbox and #glowwer for a chance to be shown some #glowwlove on our instapage! x


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