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Andre Walker Hair: The new haircare brand everyone will be talking about

Hair is the permanent accessory that is essential to making or breaking an outfit all year round. But what if your hair just won’t play fair?

If only we could have a Hollywood glow, the same sleek styles the Stars have in the USA. Well guess what, now you can! Andre Walker, stylist to the stars, has decided to share his miracle product and hair secrets with the U.K and we have the insight and the product!

Find your solution to sleek, on fleek hair.

The new 3 step Gold System from Andre Walker Hair, is designed to help you identify your hair type and fight the frizz with products tailored to you. ‘Be at peace with you hair’  with the help of Andre Walker.

Andre Walker

Andre Walker

With hundreds of thousands of hair stylists and products available why is this special and why should you trust Andre Walker to know what’s best for your hair? Maybe because he has styled TV Queen, Oprah’s hair for 25 years and was responsible for Halle Berry’s iconic pixie cut!

7 daytime Emmy award winner and a Bronner Brothers industry icon, Andre has made it his mission to help people understand their hair and keep it healthy, strong and sleek, a no bad hair day mission! After 2 years of intricate formulation he has finally released his Gold System, revolutionary to the market and to your hair.

Andre Walker Hair Gold System

The Andre Walker Hair Gold System

How will these amazing products make you everyone’s hairspiration? It’s all in the magic formula! The Gold system products are all enriched with natural African mongongo oil (oil taken from the nutritious mongongo nut). This secret ingredient nourishes your hair, giving it a new lease of life and shine.

The reason we are in love with this product is because it’s so easy! It’s the ultimate haircare collection for busy individuals needing that sleek on fleek look in a hurry. Andre Walker’s hair classification system is something we don’t know how we’ve lived without! It allows you to identify your type of hair and the exact 3 products that suit you specifically whether it be straight, curly, afro, thick or thin.


Andre Walker Hair Typing System

Take your shine back in 3 easy steps. Start with the essential Ultimate Moisture base, Sulfate-Free Shampoo, amp up the nourishment with the Ultimate Moisture TKO Conditioner and finish off with a shine boosting styling product that best suits your style and hair.

For those that like to be adventurous with up dos, plaits, braids, or just like a sleek blow-out shine, the Beautiful Kinks styling Créme Gelee is the choice for you.

Prefer a vintage look, sleek curls that hold? Try Beautiful Curls Styling Créme instead.

Dry, lifeless hair? Crave that healthy glow and silky touch, then the Q Oil Quench Essential Oil is your ticket to healthier hair. Mixed with part Argan oil, it’s perfect for a finishing glow and healthy bounce.

Want great hair on the go or just can’t decided? Grab the Experience Kit, and get experienced in great hair. This little gem comes with travel sized, shampoo, conditioner and 2 of the styling products to help you decide which one works best.

We are so excited for this product to be moving to the UK and can’t wait to get our hands on it and have all year round tameable hair and now you can too! Andre’s Essential Moisture TKO Conditioner is exclusively available in our October box, all the way from the USA! So join GlowwBox today and grab piece of hair gold before they’re all sold.

Try Andre Walker Hair TKO Conditioner






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