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3 Weird and Wonderful, Lazy Winter Beauty Hacks

Winter is creeping upon us and with a new season, comes new beauty hacks! It’s the time for baggy jumpers, festive seasoned hot beverages and cosy nights in, leaving beauty motivation at a lull. It’s so easy to check into hibernation mode and watch early Christmas films in a onesie in favour of pruning and primping.

Here at GlowwBox we’ve found 3 top lazy, hibernation mode hacks that you can do from the comfort of your own home and PJ’s!

Lazy Beauty Hack #1 – Nail healthy cuticles!

It’s easy to stick on those cosy pair of socks and your winter boots or your favourite pair of gloves and forget about your nails, but remember that cold weather can dry out your cuticles!

Baths are the best in winter, nothing is more relaxing than a hot, steamy soak. But what if you could be relaxing in the tub and helping your nails stay healthy and your skin moisturised at the same time!? Now you can!

Here’s how:
Add 1/2 capfuls of a body scrub, with 1 tablespoon of coconut oil, for the ultimate natural nail and body moisturising combo! You can literally sit back and let the bath water do the work for you!

Lazy Beauty Hack #2 – No more nightmare hair!

Winter is party season, make sure you are style ready for this years’ Christmas party, with the help of our style prep tips.

Here’s how:
Melt coconut oil (1 teaspoon) into a pint of warm water and pour over your hair after washing. Then section with some hair clips and blow dry normally for a super sleek blow dry look.

Once dry, tame your hair with this simple trick! Rub your freshly dried hair with a dryer sheet to get rid of unwanted frizz and to tame those flyaways!

Extra style tip for vintage loose curls:
For a flawless natural curls, separate your hair into 2 inch sections from bottom up and roll each section into large curlers. Use hair clips too keep the curls in place and blow dry each roller for 2-5 mins, or leave wet overnight to dry naturally for a longer curl. There you have it! Easy peasy winter ready curls.

Lazy Beauty Hack #3 – Get Snow White teeth!

With all the seasonal delicious coffee and tea varieties, it’s wise to stay on top of teeth cleaning to prevent any unwanted stains this winter season! With the help of one little strawberry, your smile will twinkle more than the Oxford Street Christmas lights!

Here’s how:
Before brushing simply rub a room temperature strawberry over your pearly whites. The seeds and acid in the fruit will gently exfoliate the tooth and give you a clean, stain free canvas to brush away the real nasties. Just rub, brush and smile. Simple!

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1 thought on “3 Weird and Wonderful, Lazy Winter Beauty Hacks

  1. Sarah

    These are fantastic tips! Coconut oil really is the most versatile material on the planet, is there anything you can’t do with it? And brushing my teeth has just been seriously revolutionised: I’m not sure what my mum would say about it, but a strawberry is a genius idea. Snow White teeth have definitely got a hint of fairytale magic about them…


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