4 Ways To Sparkle Like A Star This Christmas Party Season

The Christmas party can be a real grinch sometimes! There’s stress of what to wear, (Christmas jumper or party dress?) The temptation to have too much of the free booze and make a fool of yourself in front of your boss. The crushing longing for your work crush to finally notice you. The will to be noticed this year above all the other office hotties!

Some of these might not apply and some you can’t control, but one thing is certain; we have the top tips this holiday party season to make sure you shine bright like a Christmas diamond and dazzle at this year’s party.

Be the Christmas party star that everyone talks about until next year with these 4 creative, easy sparkle yourself tips.

1. Kissmas

Glitter Lips

Image: instagram @kevglam

Get mistletoe ready and pucker up this party season with this simple, but gem of a tip…

Stay in festive theme in whatever you want to wear, without the need for a tacky Christmas jumper. Get in the holiday spirit in a classy way, by simply adding a bit of sparkle to your usual lipstick regime.

Here’s how:

Step 1: Gently exfoliate your lips with your usual facial exfoliant, rinse with warm water and dry off.
Step 2: Apply a Christmas rich, red lipstick.
Step 3: Add a light layer with a lip brush of red or clear lip gloss.
Step 4: Apply a light layer of red glitter with the lip brush, cover evenly.
Step 5: Leave to dry for 5 mins be careful not to smudge before!
Step 6: (With your mouth closed) secure the glitter in place by adding a light layer of hairspray to your lips.

Santa’s little helper: For a more dazzling look apply gem stones instead of glitter to really get into the kissmas spirit.

2. Glitterbug

glitter hair

Image: instagram @the_braid_bar

Ensure you sparkle brighter than the office Christmas lights and step up your holiday hair game with this simple Glitterbug hack.

Here’s how:

Step 1: Wash and dry your hair.
Step 2: Using an old hairbrush that you don’t need anymore, pour (over the bin onto the brush), some silver glitter or loose silver glitter eyeshadow (don’t use any bold colours as this may stain your hair).
Step 3: Brush onto your hair in sections evenly, re-applying glitter onto the brush when needed. The beauty of this is you can apply as much or as little as you want.
Step 4: Style/braid as you wish
Step 5: Apply a light layer of hairspray to keep in place

Santa’s little helper: Less is more and be careful not to get any glitter in your eyes! FYI: The glitter will wash or brush out easily the next day.

3. Twinkle Toes


Image: wonderfuldiy.com

Buying new outfits and shoes for office parties can be expensive, especially if you still love last year’s! Here’s how to recycle last year’s heels or any heels that need a bit of TLC.

Here’s how to transform your raggedy heels into glass slippers ready for your Christmas party prince:

Step 1: Take the chosen shoe. Clean and mark the areas or draw a design you want (eg. snowflake) with a white eyeliner.
Step 2: Apply superglue over the design and add gem stones over the desired areas, one by one using a nail pick. (Always wear gloves!) OR cover the design or area in super glue and pour over glitter. Secure with hairspray.
Step 3: Dazzle and dance the night away.

Santa’s little helper: Why not go all out and cover the whole shoe in glue and pour the glitter all over (over a newspaper).

4. Nail Your Christmas Look

Glitter nails

Why not relieve some of the pressure the night before the party and pamper yourself with a manicure. Add some glamour and nail the festive theme with this little hack.

Here’s how:

Step 1: Paint your nails with a clear coat and let dry.
Step 2: Choose your colour of festive glitter or glitter eyeshadow. Apply to each nail using an eye shadow sponge or cotton swab.
Step 3: Apply a layer of hairspray and let dry for 5 minutes.
Step 4: Apply a finishing coat of clear polish and leave to dry.

There you have it festive ready nails.

Santa’s little helper: For a more out there look, add gem stones using nail glue. You can cover the entire nail or why not chose a festive pattern? Feeling adventurous use a red or green variation for a more vibrant shine!

Here at GlowwBox we believe in encouraging both your inner and outer shine. We hope these little tinsel tips help you sparkle like a star at your Christmas party!

Our December ‘Winter’s Sparkle’ box is on sale until the 31/12/16. Find out how to get yours here.


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