How to master natural beauty this 2017 with our 4 homemade natural beauty hacks!

If Santa didn’t bring you the beauty products that you asked for, here at GlowwBox we have 4 natural beauty hacks for a new year, new glow!

Start this newly year with a beauty bang. The best bit? You can make them yourself in the comfort of your own home!

January means it’s the heart of winter and the beauty products that have warmed ours, are of the homemade variety, which you can make with your friends and loved ones. Here’s our 4 top tips:

Natural Beauty Hack #1: Kiss Dry Lips Goodbye


January can bring sub-zero temperatures and that means dry, chapped lips! Stop Jack frost biting back with our homemade, healing lip balm. This is a must this winter and so simple; here’s how to whip one up.

* 1 tblspn of Beeswax pellets (for a vegan alternative use all coconut oil)
* 1 tspn of Coconut oil
*½ tspn of Vitamin E oil
* ½ tspn of Almond oil
* A few drops of your favourite essential oils.

Method to the madness:

Step 1: Simply mix all ingredients together!
Step 2: Distribute in little pots and keep in a cool dry place or for longer lasting lip balm.
Step 3: For longer lasting balms, keep in the fridge.

Bonus tip: These make great gifts for birthdays and special occasions!

Natural Beauty Hack#2: Stay Lippy

image-1-2Pic credit:

Healthy lips doesn’t have to mean boring lips! Love a bold lipstick but want one that is all natural and nourishing to your lips? Here’s how! Beet the dry lips blues in style, with our Beetroot lipstick.


*1 tspn of Coconut Oil
*1 tspn of Shea Butter
*3 drops of essential oil
*1 tspn of beetroot juice

Bonus tip: add more beetroot, to achieve a deeper colour and a sassier shade!

Method to the madness:

Simply mix all ingredients together and distribute into pots. Easy!

Natural Beauty Hack #3: Beet The Blush


Pic credit:

Beet the beauty trends this winter with our homemade beetroot blusher. Guarantee no-one has your shade this winter by making your own!

*2x small- medium beetroot
*1 tblpsn of Organic Cornstarch
*5 drops of essential oil (your choice)
We recommend: Lavender or Eucalyptus

Method to the madness:

Step 1: Slice the beetroot and place on a baking tray (on top of baking paper). Place on a low heat, in the oven for 6 hours (check every hour and be careful not to burn them, we are aiming for a crisp like texture.)
Step 2: Grind the now beet crisps, in a pestle and mortar or put in a bag and hit with a
rolling pin until they form a light powder.
Step 3: Add the essential oil and stir.
Step 4: Gently stir in the cornstarch to bind.
Step 5: Put in a bag and store in a warm dry place uncovered for 2 days until fully dry.
Step 6: Shake and pour into a closed container.
Bonus tip: Add 1 more or 1 less beetroot for a stronger look or more natural shade for your skin tone.

Natural Beauty Hack #4: Make A Lash-ting Impression

unnamedPic credit:

Make your eyes pop this winter with your own eye catching mascara! Here’s how:

*½ small pot of Vaseline
*Black eye shadow (any brand)
Bonus tip: best brand is ‘Natural’ at Boots, cost-effective and natural products.

Method to the madness:

Step 1: Scoop the Vaseline into a small pot.
Step 2: Crumble and grind the eye shadow into a loose powder.

Bonus tip: Empty the eye shadow into a bag and hit with rolling pin on side until an even powder is formed.

Step 3: Gradually add the powder to the Vaseline until you get the shade you want.
Step 4: Mix together and put into a small container.
Step 5: Keep in the fridge overnight to set.
Step 6: To apply, coat a clean mascara brush over the mixture and brush onto your lashes evenly.

Bonus tip: Before use, leave out the fridge for 20 mins for a more even consistency.

We hope you enjoy our beauty hacks! Join GlowwBox today to start your year beautifully with help from our new January ‘Naturals’ box, filled with a lush collection of natural and organically sourced products.


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