Luxury Trends This 2017: Worth it? Or Worthless?

Every year, new, weird and wonderful beauty trends tug at our heart and purse strings and 2017 is no exception. These crazy beauty fads are usually made desirable by celebrities or people that can afford the sentence “you can’t put a price on beauty”. But are these indulgent and amazing treatments worth the price tag or are they just going too far? We take a look at 3 of them to find out…

Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend!

This treatment will have you shining bright like a diamond but at £1000 per treatment, will have your bank balance looking pretty lifeless.

Where can you get one?

Oro Gold Beauty Clinic- London UK.

What do you get for the price tag?

A facial with the pricey pot of 24k Cryogenic Diamond Mask. Ingredients boast of diamond dust and other vitamins which ‘add shine and gently moisturise and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.’

Worth it?

We’re all about treating yourself but with no proven dermatological benefits we’re not sure it’s worth it. What do you think?

Go For Gold!

Get the Midus touch and get a facial shine fit for a queen. If you have £28,800 spare for a year’s treatment you could quite literally go for gold!

Where can you get one?

Oro Gold Beauty Clinic- London UK.

What do you get for the price tag?

Nothing says luxury quite like having literal gold being gently rubbed over your face in a decadent mask. An hour, 24 carrat mask facial, will set you back £256, but your glow will rival the sun on a hot summers day!

Worth it?

Again, with experts say it’s impossible for the skin to absorb the gold, hindering any real benefits, but if you have it flaunt it we say!

Laser Away The Lazy!

Pain is beauty. That’s no lie with new to trend, black, carbon, laser facial from £1300!

Where can you get one?

Revise-Laser Clinic- London UK

What do you get for the price tag?

There are different options for this treatment but the most popular is the application of the black carbon formula, letting it absorb into pores an eradicate imperfections, increasing collagen and filling those wrinkles. The laser acts as a heat energy source, shrinking pores and leaves your skin, flawless but we imagine a little sore!

Worth it?

This treatment, unlike the others, does seem to have actual scientific benefits to it to healthier, flawless skin. BUT we think there are alternative and less painful ways to achieve smaller pores and less visible wrinkles!

Worth it or worthless? Let us know which ones you would try, if any?

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