Say ‘Frizzoff!’ to Fly-aways with Curly Hair Solutions

Spring winds are upon us and whatever your hair type it can hard to manage this time of year. Luckily Jonathan Torch and his revolutionary, Frizzoff, products from Curly Hair Solutions, will keep you frizz free!

Who Is Jonathan Torch?



Jonathan Torch is curl master and creator of The Curly Hair Solutions and the Curl Keeper brands. His focus? To create a series of treatments that tame all curl types and the unruliest of hair. They work 100% of the time, in all weather conditions; without silicones and with the ability to reactivate with water!

The Magic Behind The Products:

The key to taming curly hair if finding the pH balance.

“The pH balance of curly hair is a scale of matching our environment to our body. Perfect hair should have a pH of 4.5 – 5.5. Curly Hair Solutions™ treatments will help restore the correct pH balance to your hair, especially after chemical services.” – Johnathan Torch

Curly Hair Solutions™ and Curl Keeper products all have been perfectly pH balanced for curly hair. Not only do the products achieve this, but the silk molecules in the formulate, leaving all hair types, light, grease-free and salon soft!

“In doing research, I’ve discovered that silk is the strongest natural fiber on our planet. Silk’s tiny molecules are able to penetrate deep into the hair without having to rely on heat. It feels very clean and never greasy. Silk protein never builds up.” – Johnathan Torch

The Curly Hair Solutions line is extremely effective in strengthening and conditioning curly hair whereas the Curl Keeper line focuses on vital style management. Combining the 2 gives you (BAFTA rivalling) flawless hair.

These miracle products care for curls and are the solution for happy hair. Don’t believe us?

Elle Magazine thought so, making them a product feature and just check out their trophy case!)

Curl Keeper Original has been the recipient of various awards such as;
* Editor’s Choice
* Best of the Best in 2016.

The Must Have, Curl Master Products:

If you’ve already join us, you need to practice your smug faces because these 2 must have Curly Hair Solutions products are yours inside this month’s box! If you haven’t ordered yours yet, there’s still time!

Here’s why you shouldn’t miss out on these hair care gems.
curl-keeper-energising-shampooThe Curly Hair Solutions Energizing Shampoo will tame your unruliest curls or fly-a-ways. The replenishing Himalayan salts, revive and strengthen; leaving your curls tamed, revitalized and rejuvenated.

curl-keeper-conditionerThe Curly Hair Solutions Conditioner will revitalize your curls, leaving them rich in moisture but with a bounce. It’s lightweight silk proteins lock in moisture and colour, leave your hair light-weight and detangle free. Perfect for all hair types, especially relaxed and permed hair!

Want to know more about The Curly Hair Solutions, Curl Keeper, Frizzoff products? Visit their website:

Join today and grab yourself our March GlowwBox to get your hands on these exclusive hair care must haves!

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