Haircare Nightmares!

The Do’s and Don’ts

There’s always new haircare tips creeping round the blogosphere. Some are more “can’t live if living is without you” and some are just ‘hair-way to hell’! But how can we filter out the myths from the must-do’s? Fear not glowwers, GlowwBox have your back!

Here to save our luscious locks are the 4 haircare myths that you need to avoid (like yesterday!)

Haircare Myth #1

Your hair washes you would stop…
Over washing!

image 1Pic credit: Best Health Magazine

We all love that fresh hair glow, but washing your hair more than every 2-3 days is hair lock-down!

Shampoo can dry up your hair’s natural moisture unless you have this month’s hair quenching May’s Design Essentials Limited Edition!
Washing too often can strip needed essential oils. We aren’t saying leave it weeks, but washing it twice a week will allow your hair to mask itself in the vitamins and oils it needs in between washes!

So just wash that Myth right out of your hair (just not too often!)

Haircare Myth #2

Pin Point Your Problem…

image 2
Pic credit:

We’ve all had those days when you’ve spent hours on an up do, vintage or fancy braids, but within 5 seconds of pinning, it’s falling out as quickly as the cast of Towie! Here’s how to pin point your problem…

How do you pin yours?
Flat Side up or wavy side up?
Hair-breaking news, there is a right and wrong way to the nailing your pins!
If you said wavy side up, like most of us, you are wrong!
If you said flat side up then get your crown, because you are a hair queen!

The wavy edges of the clip, fill the larger groves with hair to grip tighter, keeping your sassy styles in place for longer!

Wavy is the way! Clip straight and you’ll be late!

Haircare Myth #3

Don’t Brush This Off…

image 3
Pic credit:

You know that hairy-tale that to get Princess hair you should “brush your hair 100 times a night”? Well besides the fact that, ‘ain’t no’body got time for that!’, it’s also breaking bad for your locks!

Brushing your hair once a day keeps it looking fresh, but excessive brushing cuts through the protective oils in your hair and strips them of what it needs! We get if that work crush comes by at work you want to be a pentane advert! So how about instead of carrying your brush around all day, use your fingers instead to tousle your hair and still look fab?

Much hair-thly! Brush away that nasty habbit!

Haircare Myth #4

Wet Are You Doing?
You know that scene in any rom-com when the beautiful lead has just got out of the shower and her hair looks as styled as yours after a trip to the salon? We all know that’s not the tangled truth! After washing, all you want to do is attack the chaos with a comb!

image 4Pic credit: Gettyimages

But wet is that really doing to your hair?

Washing causes weakness! Brushing your hair when wet puts extra strain on your hair molecules, and with your hair already more susceptible to breakages, it might just get cross and snap (literally!).

Brush when dry, don’t make your hair cry!

What myths are you cutting out? Let us know if any helped your hair routine! Post your thoughts/ hair myths on our instapage: @glowwbox (bold and centered) We love to hear from you!

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