Spoil For No Oil!

Q A: What is the best way to treat oily skin?

We all have our own Gloww and skin obstacles to face. With the sun in full beam, the heat can maximise skin’s oily gleam! Here’s how to slip out of those bad skin habits and give it a spoil so there’s no oil!

Follow our 3 Spoil For No Oil tips, to keep your skin cool and clear, this hot time of year.

#1 Cake Don’t Bake!
If you are prone to oily skin, you may tend to avoid excess oily products like sun cream. This is a mistake so cake don’t bake!

image 1Pic Credit: www.pinterest.com

The no slip tip:
Use gel based sun screen for that perfect no oil gleam. The gel naturally absorbs into pores and doesn’t clog the with excess oil. So now you can sun bathe in style!

#2 Mask The Problem!
Obliterate oil build up in one simple step!

image 2Pic Credit: www.pinterst.com

The no slip tip:
Introduce a face mask once a week to mask that oil overload. The trick is to use masks heavy in absorbing natural ingredients such as clay. The perfect handy mask to have is in this week’s box! Try using Christopher Courtney Anti-Oxidant Chocolate Face Mask in your beauty regime to get that added summer glow.

#3 Oil Ends When You Cleanse!
Cleansing is the heart and start of the morning routine. It’s important not to skip it as it eradicates all the dirt and you guessed it, oil, built up in your pores.

image 3Pic credit: www.pinterest.com

The no slip tip:
It’s not always what’s on the outside it’s what’s on the inside! A great cleanser is a great tool, such as your, in the box, Nourish Serum Protect Replenish Peptide Serum. But cleansing your body through juices can be just as effective! Why not check our past Glowwbox juicy tips to see what yummy juice could spruce up your skin!

Let us know which no slip tips worked best for you and your outer gloww. Leave a comment below.

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