Shape Up Your Summer Wardrobe!

Summer has started! If you’re turning up the heat in the gym or just staying natural and enjoying the sunshine; we have the best way to shape up your summer wardrobe…

Hour Glass Glam

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Don’t swerve your curves, embrace them! Balance your hotness and cool the heat down with everything Metallic!

Shape Up Summer Suggestion:
Metallic is the colour of summer! Nothing looks better on an hour glass than a full length, metallic skirt or flowy maxi dress.

Skinny? Choose A Minnie!

image 2

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Be a lean, mean, trend machine this June! Cut out the old and get in a pattern of owning summer fashion!

Shape Up Summer Suggestion:
Maxis are all maxed out, it’s time to get those legs out! A classic, above the knee length dress is the way forward. Add a little shape by choosing a skater style or add a little flare with cut out patterns around the waist.

Pear Up!
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Keep the party on top and watch it flow on the bottom and be double the fashion trouble!

Shape Up Summer Suggestion:
Stay tight with fashion and go baggy! Show you mean fashion business this summer with a boyfriend baggy jean or hareem trousers. Tighten up your trendiness by adding a belt to show off your waist. Pear up for your shape with a show stopper crop! If you’re a smaller pear alter with a halter. If you’re all about the top, it’ll be rude to not crack out the boob tube.

Let us know how your summer wardrobe shaped up and what trend tips worked for you. Sharing is caring! Why not share your look on our insta @glowwbox.

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