H20 Hair-dration Hacks

Q A: “How do you make hair grow?”

Drink your way to hair-dration this summer with these 3, scrummy, summer drinks.

When the heat is turned up it’s important to cool yourself down with a healthy glass of water. Why not spruce up your water to make it extra yummy and give it hair-growing qualities? Quench your hair thirst with these fruit infusions!

Here are our 3 delicious drinks to quench your hair thirst this summer:

Hair-dration Help #1 – Cool As a Cucumber

Keep it classic with cool refresher, cucumber and mint.

q and a- cucumber image 1
Science To The Scrumminess:
Wake hair from its slumber with cucumber! This delicious refresher helps your hair grow through Silica. Silica is renowned to care for the hair. Mint is full of anti-oxidants and well also for extra taste!

Hair-dration Help #2 – Speed up Thyme

Speed up hair growth with this citrus banger, orange and thyme water.

q and a - orange image image 2
Science To The Scrumminess:
Oranges are packed with beta carotene, which stop hair breakages! Build your hair up and taste buds by adding some time for flavour.

Hair-dration Help #3 – Care-roots

Confused about hair care? Care for your roots with this vitamin infused water.
q and a - carrot juice image 2
Science To The Scrumminess:
Carrots don’t only help you see in the dark, they help everyone see your luscious locks! They contain vitamin B7 and Biotin which turns thin into a strong hair win.

We hope these Hair-dration hacks give you summer glowwing, flowing locks. Tell us your favourite and which recipes you tried out by leaving a comment below.

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