Beat The Beach And Be #SelfieReady!

Its summer and the sky’s the limit and most of us will be jetting off! Holiday fever is upon us and how do you keep summer, holiday memories sacred? Duh! A selfie!

When it comes to selfies, the beach is best! Follow our 3 #SelfieReady tips to ensure you beat the beach and keep your holiday selfies as fresh as the sea!

Beat The Beach #SelfieReady Tip 1:

Get Shadey!

blog 2- image 1Pic Credit:

Sunglasses are a beach must have and now they are a must have for your selfie! Be the spectacle of your selfie and get shadey!

How to snap to it: 
Get arty with the shot to vamp up the pretty. Use your sunglasses as a mirror to fill with all the beauty you can including the setting!

Beat The Beach #SelfieReady Tip 2:


blog 2- image 2Pic Credit:

Wave goodbye to your competition and let your selfie flow!

How to snap to it:
H2-go for the water! Now we don’t mean dunk yourself in the water, get shallow. Queen of the selfie Kim Kardashian slays at the look! Use the water to give you a sultry look and use your body to make a selfie splash!

Beat The Beach #SelfieReady Tip 3:

Get Sand-ulous!blog 2- image 3Pic Credit:

Get sand-ulous with your selfie and show some personality as well as pretty! Use your setting and be selfie queen of your sand castle!

How to snap to it:
Channel your creative side and get silly in the sand! Want a more serious selfie? Show you have a big heart, simply draw one and pose inside it! Scale up your pretty with a mermaid tale! Want to save time? Just draw what comes to you and pose on the go!

What Beach selfie stands out to you? Share your best beach #SelfieReady pic and selfies with us on insta, tag us @glowwbox and spread the summer selfie love!

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