Cat-walk Yourself To Purrrfect Makeup

Q: How do you get model makeup?

Want to stay runway ready all day? Make the most of these 3, model makeup must do’s that will have you cat-walking yourself to purrfect make up. Meow!

Model Makeup Must Do #1

It’s ok to colour outside the lines!

blog 3 image 1Pic Credit:

Lip-sync yourself with the model pout and leave the lip liner at home! Don’t conceal your lips potential and pucker up!

Method To The Madness:

  • Use your concealer to draw a line above your lip line.
  • Blend, blend, blend.
  • Apply a light shade and watch your pout pop!

Model Makeup Must Do #2

Freeze yourself fierce!

blog 3 image 2Pic Credit:

It’s no Victoria Secret, actually it is! Straight from Victoria Secret model, Jasmine Tookes’s gorgeous lips. Love the skin your in and make it flawless with this trick…

Method To The Madness:

  • Get an ice cube and run it over your face before be until it melts your way to makeup ready.
  • The ice will stop blemishes from blooming and keep pores at bay!


Model Makeup Must Do #3

Stay Calm, Lip Balm!

blog 3 image 3Pic Credit:

Light up your gloww and shine your way to the top with this tip…

Method To The Madness:

  • Put your highlighter down and bring out your balm.
  • Use a small finger coat and run your finger around those need to pop areas.
  • Key areas: Cheek bones, below eyebrows, bridges of your nose.
  • Then add some concealer to it and cut the competition out with your beautiful bone structure.

We hope these model makeup must do’s help you stay #SelfieReady. Share your purrrfect selfies with us on insta and tag us @glowwbox. Spread the summer selfie love!


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