4 Trends to trash so you don’t fall out with fashion

Trends come and go, some have us running for the make up shop and some have us running for the make-up wipes! How do you know what to run-away from and stay on the fashion grid? Follow our 4 Trends To Trash.

Trends To Trash #1: Wiggle Free From This One!

image 1- blog 2Pic credit: www.whazupnaija.com

Trends come in waves, but we think we should wave goodbye to this one! Brows are a beauty feature focus in 2017, so stay on trend and avoid the bend!

Trends To Trash #2: No To The Neon!

image 2- blog 2Pic credit: www.pinterest.com

A summer fave, but an Autumn no no for nails! With the sun on holiday for another year it’s time for neon colours to join it! Switch to cooler colours like, greys and nude. Want to keep things warm? Go for rich browns or reds.

Trends To Trash #3: Ban Bronze And You’ll Be Rosy!

image 3- blog 2Pic credit: www.cdn.makeupandbeauty.com

Bold bronze is perfect for a summer gloww but it’s now the season of the rose, or rosy cheeks! Beat the autumn winds to it and rogue your way into this trend.

Now you know what to avoid, use our GlowwBox must haves to fawn over your fall look!

Share your autumn gloww and tag us your best seasonal selfies on insta @glowwbox

discover banner new oct 16

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