4 quick fix hair volume tips

Q: My hair is fine, how can I make it look good all the time?!

With the autumn winds at work, stay in control of your hair and turn up the natural volume! Follow our 4 quick fix hair volume tips! 

Volume Quick Fix #1 – Part Ways, (with old looks!)

image 1 blog 3

Pic Credit: www.pinterest.com

Get a new look in one swoop… of your parting!

Method To The Madness:
It really is one simple easy step! Just switch your parten to the other side to give your roots added natural volume! Easy!

Volume Quick Fix #2 – Sleeping Beauty – Bedtime Bun!

image 2 blog 3.jpg

Pic Credit: www.pinterest.com

Bun + beauty sleep = hair on fleek!

Method To The Madness: 
Put in a bun and in the morning volume prep is done! A loose bun will create natural kinks in the root which will add volume with added va-va voom!

Volume Quick Fix #3 – Get To The Root Of Volume

image 3- blog 3.jpg

Pic Credit: www.pinterest.com

Method To The Madness:
Fix volume problems by getting to the root of the issue. There loads of volume pumping products out there but a cheap fix is talcum powder!


  • Add talc to the roots of your hair and hair brush.
  • With the brush tease the hair towards your scalp and then brush out.
  • Tease with fingers.
  • Spray in place.

Volume Quick Fix #4 – Blow a kiss goodbye to limp hair!

image 4- blog 3.jpg

Pic Credit: www.pinterest.com

Turn your hair routine upside down and blow out lifeless hair! Pump up that volume, with this easy trick!

Method To The Madness:

  • Wash and towel dry hair.
  • Put in Mixed Chicks Morning After Foam or product of your choice.
  • Blow you hair upside down!
  • Add some show stopping style by adding some curls at the bottom.


Show us how you’ve pumped up the volume and tag us in your autumn selfies on insta: @glowwbox We love to hear from you!

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