News: We’re making some changes and would love you to be apart

[Note: New date announced – 26th October 2017]

We have some exciting news! We’ll be making a change to our service and we will begin our transition from the 26th October 2017.

What does this mean?

As of the 26th October we will pause our monthly subscriptions until Spring 2018. This will allow us to work our new service.

What’s coming next Spring?

We’ve listened to your feedback and while the beauty landscape is often changing with so many new beauty releases, we don’t want you to miss them.

So instead of receiving products which are not always the latest releases. We’ll be launching a new beauty club, where you’ll receive only the latest beauty releases, 3 to 4 times a year, without a monthly subscription.

We’re not going to be a beauty box, we’re a beauty club for girls of all beautiful hues!

How will it work?

It’s really simple. One membership, join and that’s it…you’re in! Plus, we’ll be offering you an early bird discount for your first year’s membership.

So whether it’s the latest beauty news, tips or product releases…you get it all! New individual releases tailored to you whatever your beautiful skin tone or hair texture.

Our new beauty club is coming Spring 2018 and to welcome all girls with all beauty skin tones and hair textures, we’ll be offering you something amazing!

Stay tuned x

2 thoughts on “News: We’re making some changes and would love you to be apart

  1. Moria

    Will I still receive September box? As I haven’t yet, buy payment has been charged.
    Does this also mean no payments until next spring will be debited from my account?

    1. glowwbox Post author

      Hi Moria, yes you will still receive your September box, should have it by now. Please contact us at support(at)glowwbox(dot)com if you have any other queries so we can help. x


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