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Get your Valentine’s Day pout ready!

valentines heart

So it’s the time of the year, where romance is in full bloom! With the cold weather refusing to go away and wreaking havoc on our skin, the last thing we want are dry, dull lips this Valentine’s day.

I know how annoying this can be, so, whatever you have planned, I’ve set about trying to find the perfect lippies to help make sure your lips are looking voluptuous on the ‘day of love’!

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How can I reduce my hyperpigmentation?

One of the things we love to do here at GlowwBox is find answers to your most pressing beauty questions.

In our new in-box magazine ‘Gloww’ featured in our January ‘Best of British’ Edition, we shared some solutions to an important question on how to deal with hyperpigmentation.

So read below for an excerpt of some of the advice we shared on how you could improve hyperpigmentation.

Hyperpigmentation is caused by our body producing too much of the brown pigment called melanin. By doing so it produces a darkened area of skin which is what we refer to as hyper pigmentation.

Now, one of the most frequented myths told by people with darker skin tones, is that they do not need to use sunscreen. Wrong! One of the triggers of hyperpigmentation is exposure to sunlight especially for those who are more predisposed to this skin condition. Sun protection is a must for ALL skin types and in ALL seasons. Choose a high SPF (30 or above) and make sure you use it daily.

Be gentle with your skin and seek professional advice if you are unsure!

To learn more about how to deal with hyperpigmentation, sign up to our January ‘Best of British’ Edition here

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Vicky xx

January 2015 edition on sale

New to the Boutique this month!

Have you checked out our boutique lately? If so, you would’ve seen that we’ve been adding a lot of new and exciting products for you to choose from! In fact there are so many to choose from it was hard deciding which one to talk about today! In the end I decided to bring to you something to brighten up your winter days and nights!

As is always the case, our winter months can appear to be quite dull and gloomy. We too can sometimes succumb to this and dress accordingly! That’s why I’m so excited that we can now bring to you these amazing Zoya Nail Varnishes in all the colours of the rainbow (truly!).

ZOYA - Nail Varnish - Carmen

ZOYA – Nail Varnish – Carmen (£9.70)

These nail varnishes are named ‘the longest wearing natural nail polish’ by an independent panel in Women’s Health Magazine. Their assortment of vibrant colours, in a range of finishes is perfect for all year round! They are incredibly opaque and have superb long lasting power. They are also easy to apply and will always maintain a full coverage!

They are the perfect accessory to brighten up your winter days and nights!

Here are just some of the 50 different colours we offer… 

ZOYA - Nail Varnish - Beatrix

ZOYA – Nail Varnish – Beatrix

ZOYA - Nail Varnish - Giovanna (£9.70)

ZOYA – Nail Varnish – Giovanna (£9.70)

ZOYA - Nail Varnish - Mason (£9.70)

ZOYA – Nail Varnish – Mason (£9.70)

I know you’ll love these as much as we do!

Why not have a look around here for the colours that suit you best and enjoy free UK standard shipping on all orders over £40! 

Anna xx


January 2015 ‘Best of British’ Edition: See what’s inside

GlowwBox January Edition

January is in full swing now and we hope you’re enjoying it as much as we are!

One reason we’re excited about January is because we’re celebrating all things British, with our ‘Best of British’ Edition! Where we’ve brought you 6 British products, 3 of which are full size (*Yay!*), which we know you’ll love. From hair care, to skin care to makeup tools… we’ve got it all!

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A peek inside GLOWW: When we met Beauty Passionista!

beauty passionistaJanuary sees the launch of our first ever issue of GLOWW! Our new in-box magazine packed full of useful advice, products and reveals, exclusively for our members! We’re so excited!

Seeing as this month we share the ‘Best of British’, it only seemed right to ask award winning British blogger Ambarina of the fab blog Beauty Passionista to share some of her top tips and secrets for the new year in GLOWW!

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January 2015 edition on sale

First of all, we would like to wish you all a happy new year! I hope you all had a great time celebrating and weren’t too bothered by the cold!

It’s our very first edition of 2015! And this month, we’re so excited to reveal our January ‘Best of British’ Edition packed with 6 beauty staples from some of favourite british brands in skin care, makeup and hair care products!

Now speaking of the cold – I’ve been getting dry skin lately. Is it just me or are we all fed up with how our skin feels during the winter months? I feel like I’ve been layering my skin with moisturisers for the past couple of months but my skin still feels dry within the hour!

So naturally I’m excited to reveal the first product in our January ‘Best of British’ Edition that I was able to test and will be sharing my thoughts on…

The Replenish Serum for Dry or Scarred Skin (5ml, £8) from Hertfordshire based brand S5 Skincare.

S5 Replenish Serum

S5 Replenish Serum

As soon as I received it, I thought to myself ‘great! Let’s hope this helps me out in this cold weather!’

The first thing I noticed when I saw the S5 Replenish Serum was the sleek packaging it came in. Not only does it look great, but you can also control how many drops of the serum you choose to use with its pipette type applicator.

When I opened the serum I noticed it had a sweet but subtle scent which I really liked. Similar to a relaxation oil.

Using it, I noticed that it was not greasy and a little goes a long way. I used this serum on my hands and on my face where I have some dryer patches. It immediately seeps into your skin, making your skin feel soft but not oily.

Some of you may be wondering how it would work under my makeup. Well, the good news is, it doesn’t leave any residue, it’s a great base to use under a primer.

So this product was certainly a win for me and with the additional benefits of helping with damaged skin such as scarring and helping the elasticity of your skin, it’s certainly something that will help us on the journey to smoother, glowing skin.

Not to mention this fab find is organic! The key ingredients include desert argan oil, desert pomegranate oil, chilean rosehip oil and arctic sea buckthorn; making it rich in omega 5,6,7, & 9 as well as vitamin C & E.

If you don’t like using ‘dry’ serums then maybe you can add this to your favourite moisturiser or even your primer before you do your makeup. Either way this is a great and versatile essential I think you will love as part of your 2015 skin care regime!

To try out this serum for yourself, join us today and receive a free £15 boutique voucher with you first box! Click here to join now.

Talk soon,

Vicky xx

December 2014 Party Season Edition: See what’s inside

December 'Party Season' Edition

December ‘Party Season’ Edition

We hope you had an amazing Christmas and are looking forward to bringing in the New Year with a bang! Party season is still in full swing and we’re so excited to reveal what’s inside our December ‘Party Season’ Edition!

This month we know it’s all about the glam, so we’ve packed our GlowwBox with a selection of 7 must-have products to make sure your lips look amazing, your lashes full, your eyes dazzling and your hair protected from all that styling you’re bound to be doing!

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