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4 quick fix hair volume tips

Q: My hair is fine, how can I make it look good all the time?!

With the autumn winds at work, stay in control of your hair and turn up the natural volume! Follow our 4 quick fix hair volume tips!  Continue reading

4 Trends to trash so you don’t fall out with fashion

Trends come and go, some have us running for the make up shop and some have us running for the make-up wipes! How do you know what to run-away from and stay on the fashion grid? Follow our 4 Trends To Trash. Continue reading

H20 Hair-dration Hacks

Q A: “How do you make hair grow?”

Drink your way to hair-dration this summer with these 3, scrummy, summer drinks.

When the heat is turned up it’s important to cool yourself down with a healthy glass of water. Why not spruce up your water to make it extra yummy and give it hair-growing qualities? Quench your hair thirst with these fruit infusions!

Here are our 3 delicious drinks to quench your hair thirst this summer: Continue reading