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2 ways to get afro-style curls on any hair

GlowwBox blog image afro curls on any hair

Have you always wanted curls that sit in a gorgeous halo around your head?

Our gorgeous Glowwers asked us how to style wavy hair into an afro and we have the answer!

Now, if you weren’t born with coily or kinky hair (curl types 3C, 4A, 4B & 4C) we can’t change that but we can help you get something close to the Pam Grier or Solange Knowles signature looks.

All you need to do is try a perm rod set or a flexi rod set!

Even if you do have kinky or coily hair, as you can see from the tutorials below, you’ll still achieve the same shape and it will give you fun, bouncy curls.

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8 steps to protect your curls in cold weather

GlowwBox blog protect curls in cold weather

It might be nearly spring but the harsh winter weather has only just arrived! The icy winds contrasted with hot and dry central hearing can be cruel to curly hair so it is essential to revise your curly haircare regime. Not only is the weather terrible, increased heat styling from not leaving the house with damp hair (you’ll freeze!) will take its toll. Here are 8 steps help you to avoid breakage and keep your hair in good condition in the cold weather.

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Date night make up for darker skin

We’ve all been there. It’s date night and we have no idea what to wear. We’re not just talking dress or jeans, heels or flats. We’re talking smokey eye or basic black wing, lashes or no lashes, red lips or nude lips, and that’s before we’ve decided how to wear our hair! If it’s your first date, those butterflies in your tummy are probably going into overdrive! To help you decide, we’ve gathered a few videos to help ease your date night nerves. Continue reading

Silver Season: How to wear this season’s metallic shade

Last season, we wore any metallic shade as long as it was hi-shine. In fact, the more unusual the better. For spring, there’s only one colour – silver. Keep it hi-shine, be it a silver front-split A-line skirt, satin bomber jacket or even patent silver square-toed block-heeled courts.

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Spring Yellow: How to wear this sunshine hue this season

This season’s key colour is yellow. If you are a golden shade of brown you might steer clear of yellow as it might make you feel washed out rather than bright. The trick to spring yellow is to go deep and bold – no acid yellow or pastels. You’ll find that it does work! Continue reading

Battle of the drugstore primers: Milk of Magnesia vs Men’s Aftershave Balm


Milk of magnesia

I’ve been using the first product, Milk of Magnesia, for over a year now and I haven’t had any problems using it.

I’ve heard reviews of people having breakouts and oil still becoming visible but it could be the way it is applied on the individual’s skin type.

The product is very unusual since the original purpose for this product is to cleanse out your system. I found out about this product on YouTube, and of course thought to try it myself.

When I first used it I was amazed as to how well my makeup looked and stayed looking fresh, I even used it in Dubai and it worked so well. Fortunately, I already have good skin so I wasn’t too worried if I would have any break outs. I have tried this product on many clients who are women of colour and no problems were faced.

After reading the ingredients, it then clicked why it holds makeup well. One of the key ingredients is silicon dioxide. Silicon dioxide in cosmetics terms means that the product has a natural absorbency, so the oils on your face are absorbed by this product.

Men’s aftershave balm

The second product I bought after seeing so many videos on YouTube.

I decided to give it a go, since I’m always on the lookout for primers and is affordable.

This product I got from Superdrug for under £5 and the original purpose of this product is used as a men’s aftershave balm.

Yes, I was very sceptical but I’ve seen people use it and thought to jump on this bandwagon.

One of the main ingredients of this product is Glycerin. Glycerin in cosmetics terms means your foundation will adhere to your skin better making your face smoother to work with.

First impressions of this product is that it’s very runny and you have to make sure the product is fully dry before you proceed with your foundation application. So far, I do prefer my first primer as the formula is thicker and I didn’t think it absorbed my oils well, but it still gave me that flawless finish.

Since I don’t wear makeup to work, I thought to try it as a moisturiser to see if that helps. It made my face feel smooth, and didn’t suffer that much from oil breakouts.

I will continue using it just to see if it fully absorbs my oils.

How to use primer

The way I apply primers is very simple.

As soon as I’m ready to start my makeup, I would use a toner to get rid of any excess oils and dirt from my face.

On a cotton pad, I would distribute the product all over my face and wait for it to dry then I would continue applying my makeup.

Thank you again for reading this and hope you found this helpful.


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