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March 2015 ‘Pure Pampering’ Edition: See What’s Inside

March 2015 Pure Pampering GlowwBox
This month we’re excited to present our March ‘Pure Pampering’ Edition, where we’re sharing 6 of our fave skin and hair products, which we know you will also love! If you want to see our full reveal of what’s inside this month’s edition, then continue reading below… Continue reading

Fresh Lengths shares her hair care advice

March Pure Pampering GlowwBox is now available!Have you ever experienced moments in your hair journey, where you you wake up one day and look in the mirror and wonder what’s happening to your hair? I’m talking about when you start to realise that your hair length is shorter than it was yesterday and your hair no longer feels as thick as it used to or it no longer does ‘that thing’ it used to!

Well if you can relate to this, then you share something in common with Hair Blogger Lesley of ‘FreshLengths’. Lesley too has experienced her hair challenges. In fact she’d be one of the first to tell you that her hair was not always as healthy as it appears today:

My hair hasn’t always been healthy, in fact it became extremely damaged and broke off to neck length a few years ago! Having short fragile hair finally made me realise I needed to make some changes. (Lesley, Gloww Magazine March 2015)

It’s very important that we take the time to really care for our hair, otherwise we will see episodes of this happening frequently! In our Gloww Magazine this month (our in-box GlowwBox magazine), Lesley shares her hair regime and her advice on restoring damaged hair to being healthy and thick.

If damaged hair is not a problem for you, Lesley also shares her skin care regime and it may be a little surprising (especially as her skin is so flawless!) And of course we couldn’t let her go without having her share her favourite pampering products and sessions.

We know that you’ll find what she has to say useful, especially if you have the same challenges and goals! To read her tips and enjoy the 6 lush pampering products we’ve discovered, be sure to sign up for our March GlowwBox here

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Vicky xx

march 2015 pure pampering glowwbox is now available!

How can I reduce my hyperpigmentation?

One of the things we love to do here at GlowwBox is find answers to your most pressing beauty questions.

In our new in-box magazine ‘Gloww’ featured in our January ‘Best of British’ Edition, we shared some solutions to an important question on how to deal with hyperpigmentation.

So read below for an excerpt of some of the advice we shared on how you could improve hyperpigmentation.

Hyperpigmentation is caused by our body producing too much of the brown pigment called melanin. By doing so it produces a darkened area of skin which is what we refer to as hyper pigmentation.

Now, one of the most frequented myths told by people with darker skin tones, is that they do not need to use sunscreen. Wrong! One of the triggers of hyperpigmentation is exposure to sunlight especially for those who are more predisposed to this skin condition. Sun protection is a must for ALL skin types and in ALL seasons. Choose a high SPF (30 or above) and make sure you use it daily.

Be gentle with your skin and seek professional advice if you are unsure!

To learn more about how to deal with hyperpigmentation, sign up to our January ‘Best of British’ Edition here

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January 2015 edition on sale

Party season is here!

Hi Glowwers!

Lord & Berry Lipstick

Lord & Berry Lipstick, ‘Raspberry’

So are you as excited as we are here at Glowwbox HQ?! December has come which means our decorations go up, we pull out our ‘best’ Christmas jumpers, we overindulge in EVERYTHING, and it becomes OK to start singing Christmas songs!

Not to mention all the upcoming parties!

So we couldn’t wait to tell you that our ‘Party Season’  Edition is now on sale and we’ve packed it with treats which we know you will love as you glam up this season.

And here’s our first reveal!

The Lord & Berry lipsticks have been a popular feature in our previous box, so we decided it’s only fair to bring them back for this month in some gorgeous new shades! These lipsticks are high-intensity goodness, that have great staying power, and a beautiful satin finish.

I have loved these lipsticks as they feel amazing on my lips – very comfortable and easy to apply. Pair with a great lipliner and voila! Perfect for the party season ahead!

Why not try these out for yourself? The Lord & Berry lipsticks are available in all boxes this month. You can join here

Talk soon,

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3 Winter Beauty Mistakes Women of Colour Make And How To Avoid Them

Today’s post is a guest post written by Multi-award winning green beauty expert & Founder of Premae Skincare, Clare Eluka.

With winter upon us, our beauty regime should change to keep our skin healthy and looking radiant. However many women of colour unknowingly harm their skin (and purse) by making these little known beauty mistakes.

So I’m going to reveal 3 of these mistakes and share with you how to avoid them, to ensure your skin is looking beautiful during these winter months. Continue reading