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Strobing for darker skin tones


Contouring, the technique used to sculpt the face using shadow and light, can be quite intense so some people prefer strobing. Strobing is a technique straight off the catwalk which is super-highlighting, sometimes without the shadows.

The key to achieving this high fashion look is to only apply a highlight to the high points of the face where the light hits. The best results come from a golden shimmer highlight as this really reflects the sunlight, giving the illusion of killer cheekbones.

The main products you will need are a concealer, golden highlighter and perhaps a little blusher if you feel you would like some colour on your cheeks. Also, make sure you have the right tools to hand for stress-free strobing. Try a fan brush or an angled blusher brush for applying the highlight then have a fluffy blending brush available to blend out any harsh lines. You want to make it look like you are naturally glowing rather than wearing reflective stripes like a safety jacket!

Check out this tutorial by Chanel Boateng on how to strobe:

Click here to see how I do it!

If you have oily skin you might think strobing is not for you. Think again! Just make sure you use a primer for oily skin, set your base with powder and use a powder highlighter rather than a cream.

Jennie Jenkins of Beauty By JJ explains strobing for oily skin here:

So, for an easy way to feel like a supermodel without changing your face shape, give strobing a go. It’s amazing how good glowing cheekbones will make you feel!




Contouring for darker skin tones


Contouring might have lost some popularity in the beauty world in favour of strobing but it is an age-old make-up technique which will never go away.   It was always there for film, television and magazines but now consumers are more aware of it so it’s everywhere.

It can seem scary at first, with the risk of ending up with a stripy or dirty face but if you remember one of the key make-up application techniques, you’ll be fine. It is: blend, blend, blend!

Use contouring to define your face and if you are skilled enough, to even change your face, for example, to look like Maleficent!

Senior Beauty Editor at Marie Claire and Guardian writer, Anita Bhagwandas, gives her take on sculpting, strobing and the products to use when trying it out here.

I personally contour when I want a change, when I am going to have professional photos taken or when I’m on a night out with friends. The light will be absorbed where you deepen the shadows in the hollows of your cheeks and the sides of your nose and the light will reflect where you apply the highlight.

The basic rules are the same but everyone has their own techniques for achieving the same result. I’ve put together a collection of vlogger videos below which you might find helpful.

Here’s a beginners guide to products and how to contour for different face shapes by Mr Jovita George:

Here’s how to subtly contour on a round face using liquid and powder applied with a sponge and brush by Zahrah Aliyah:

Rose Kimberly’s technique is great for dark skin using liquid and creamy stick products set with powder and applied with a sponge and brushes:

If you prefer to use your fingers, Mr Jovita George share’s a quick way to contour using cream products:

Which is your favourite technique? Comment below, we’d love to know!