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Have wonderful smelling hair, radiant skin and bold voluptuous lips with our May Spring Florals GlowwBox

May 2015 Spring Florals GlowwBox

Welcome to our May 2015 ‘Spring Florals’ GlowwBox! From your hair to your lips, in this month’s beauty box, we share 6 lush beauty finds with the power-packed properties (or colour) of some of the most wonderful flowers!

Leaving you feeling your most confident with wonderful smelling tresses, radiant looking skin and bold voluptuous lips!

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April Cocoa Affair 2015 GlowwBox: See what’s inside

GlowwBox April 2015 Cocoa Affair Edition Welcome to our April ‘Cocoa Affair’ Edition! In this month’s beauty box we’ve decided to reveal our indulgent relationship with Chocolate! Packed full with 6 products that contain the goodness of cocoa, the hue of cocoa or the beautiful colours of spring, we invite you to join us in your very own ‘Cocoa Affiar’!

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