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Cat-walk Yourself To Purrrfect Makeup

Q: How do you get model makeup?

Want to stay runway ready all day? Make the most of these 3, model makeup must do’s that will have you cat-walking yourself to purrfect make up. Meow! Continue reading


What foundation should I use for my skin tone?….It’s all about the base!

We all have that one foundation we love, but is yours right for you and your skin tone?

Colour matching is a new trend you can do at any make up stall, but now you can do it at home! Finding your shade has never been more accurate or easy once you know the main shade secret behind your skin tone. Continue reading

4 Ways To Sparkle Like A Star This Christmas Party Season

The Christmas party can be a real grinch sometimes! There’s stress of what to wear, (Christmas jumper or party dress?) The temptation to have too much of the free booze and make a fool of yourself in front of your boss. The crushing longing for your work crush to finally notice you. The will to be noticed this year above all the other office hotties!

Some of these might not apply and some you can’t control, but one thing is certain; we have the top tips this holiday party season to make sure you shine bright like a Christmas diamond and dazzle at this year’s party.

Be the Christmas party star that everyone talks about until next year with these 4 creative, easy sparkle yourself tips. Continue reading

Date night make up for darker skin

We’ve all been there. It’s date night and we have no idea what to wear. We’re not just talking dress or jeans, heels or flats. We’re talking smokey eye or basic black wing, lashes or no lashes, red lips or nude lips, and that’s before we’ve decided how to wear our hair! If it’s your first date, those butterflies in your tummy are probably going into overdrive! To help you decide, we’ve gathered a few videos to help ease your date night nerves. Continue reading

Free Guide: 14 Makeup Mistakes Made By Women of Colour

Free GlowwBox Guide: 14 Makeup Mistakes Made By Women of Colour

With so many new makeup products, colours and techniques being introduced, it’s easy to stick to “what we know”.

However, sometimes “what we know” can be the very thing that unknowingly leads us to choosing and applying makeup in a way that doesn’t compliment our skin tone or features.

So here at GlowwBox, we’ve teamed up with awarding winning, celebrity makeup artists like Joy Adenuga and Lan Nguyen-Grealis as well as celebrated beauty brands to reveal 14 common makeup mistakes black, asian & mixed women make and how to avoid them.

In this 19 page guide, you receive expert makeup advice covering hot topics like how to truly match you foundation and the No.1 lip liner colour you should avoid as women with medium to darker skin tones.

Click here to download this guide now and start your journey to flawless makeup!

Our Top 3 Makeup Takeaways from An Evening with Joy & Dionne

Event An Evening with Dionne Smith and Joy Adenuga

The beginning of November saw the debut event ‘An Evening with Dionne Smith & Joy Adenuga’, where the celebrity serving duo covered a range of hair and make up issues for all women as well as tips and advice on how to do things better. Continue reading