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How To Create A FLUFFY, Soft Curl Look

We’ve teamed up with the gorgeous Elle from @NaturalHairDaily to show you how to create a fluffy soft curl look using the products inside your May Design Essential Limited Edition!

Our May Design Essentials Limited Edition is available until 31/5/17! Find out how to join and try it here.

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How can I enhance my natural beauty for a ‘glow from within’ look?

Have you ever wanted some tips to enhance your natural beauty and get that coveted ‘glow from within’ look?

Here at GlowwBox, we want to help you increase your vitality and inner Gloww with 3 simple vitamins you may be missing in your diet.

These 3 little gems will give your hair and skin a natural refresh without a makeup bag in sight… Continue reading

How to master natural beauty this 2017 with our 4 homemade natural beauty hacks!

If Santa didn’t bring you the beauty products that you asked for, here at GlowwBox we have 4 natural beauty hacks for a new year, new glow!

Start this newly year with a beauty bang. The best bit? You can make them yourself in the comfort of your own home!

January means it’s the heart of winter and the beauty products that have warmed ours, are of the homemade variety, which you can make with your friends and loved ones. Here’s our 4 top tips: Continue reading